Slovenian Forestry Institute

The Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) is the main national forest research institute in the field of basic and applied forest research, forest landscape, forest ecosystems, forest health, forestry, wildlife and hunting in Slovenia, which wholesomely target forests biodiversity and their management under changing climate conditions.

It was founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Research and development activities at SFI are carried out in the frame of national and international project, the Research Programme Forest Biology, Ecology and Technology, and trough activities in the frame of Public forest service. SFI has strong connection to different target groups and end users of our research results (research community, forestry industry, wood processing industries, forest owners associations, NGO and others). The specific objectives of SFI are to promote ecosystem goods and services, provided by forest resources to continue and improve traditional close-to-nature sustainable forest management and biodiversity, to maintain sustainable production capacity and ecosystem resistance to changes under stress and biological diversity.

Use of wood biomass for energy is an important research field at the Department of Forest Techniques and Economics. We established the Laboratory for wood biomass with the main goal to monitor the level of quality of wood fuels at the Slovenian market, according to the general accepted European / International standards. Our main mission is to reis awareness about the wood fuel quality issue and consequently to increase the level of quality at the Slovenian wood fuel market.