Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas

CIEMAT assigned to the Science and Innovation Department of Spain, is a Public Investigation Organism of excellence in matters of energy and environment, as well as in multiple vanguard technologies and in diverse areas of fundamental research. From its creation in 1951 it carries out technological research and development projects , serving as reference to represent technically Spain in the international forums and to advise to the public administrations in matters of its competition. The CIEMAT is diversified technologically and geographically, to attend to the needs for I+D in Spain in general and in its Autonomous regions in particular. The activity of the CIEMAT is organized concerning research projects that serve as bridge between the I+D and the social interest. The human team of the CIEMAT is formed by, approximately, 1.200 persons, of whom 47 % is university graduates.

CIEMAT is a pioneering organism in the development of the renewable energies in Spain at which it is working in an important way from 1985, year in which there was created the Renewable Energies Institute (today Renewable Energies Division). In addition to the previous Division, it is provided at present with a Center specializing in the development of the wind energies and, especially, biomass energies named CEDER-CIEMAT ( Renewable Energies Development Center), placed in Lubia (province of Soria, Castilla León, Spain).