The consortium is formed by 4 organizations of the biomass sector. This group is integrated by 2 associations of biomass and 2 technological centers. Next there are described briefly the partners as well as the projects that they develop:





AVEBIOM was founded in 2004 with the target to promote the development of the spanish bioenergy sector. The main targets of this organization can be summed up of the following way:

- To promote the creation and the development of the bioenergy sector in Spain.

- To involve to the public administrations on the subject of Agriculture, Environment, Industry and Economy.

- To stimulate the commercial companies establishment for the transformation, commercialization and supply of solid biofuels, as well as the business undertaking that they are employed at the energy use ambience, the biofuels and biogas production and the related equipments.

AVEBIOM puts its experience and means at the disposal of all the interested parties who want to redeem a role in the progress and development of the use of the biomass in the energy sector: farmers, agents of the forest sector , companies for the transformation of products from forest, private industries,investigation institutes, technological centers and universities, producers of specific machines for the combustion, biomass manufacture and  transport, etc. They offer to its members the collaboration, help and advice that they need in bioenergy, contacts with the public administrations and the organization of initiatives and events for the diffusion and the sensitization about the potentialities of this resource in the struggle against the climate change, and for the promotion of the rural areas and its sustainibility at environmental and economic level.

AVEBIOM is a member of the Directorate of the European Biomass network (AEBIOM), taking part actively in the EU actions organized in the frame of this organization. In turn, this is the associate number 1 of the World Bioenergy Association of  and they are part of Steering Comite of the Renewable Heating & Cooling European Platform.    








CBE is a private association provided with public utility, which acts in the  national energy policy frame, in the the energy diversification ambience and of the use of the natural resources that Portugal has. Its main purpose is to promote the use of the biomass with energy ends. The main targets of the CBE are the following ones:             

- To combine and coordinate the efforts that diverse public and private ganizations use biomass;

- To offer technical and technological support in the companies of production of energy by means of the use of the biomass

- To promote the transference of the knowledge and the technology to the companies;

- To put into practice and  improve the demonstration work, research and development, with the new technologies related to the production, transformation and use the biomass;

- To promote the teams development for the compilation, preparation, transformation and the use of biomass;

- To promote the technical and technological formation, helping to form to qualified personnel  in companies and institutions related with biomass;

- To spread the technical information and  technology in its specialization area.






The CVR – Center for the Residues Valuation is a private institution  without ends of lucre, constituted in Braga, for public writing on July 8, 2002.

It gives services of investigation, scientific analysis and application of real solutions in the field of the residues valuation. Independently of the area of industrial activity, the CVR has necessary competitions to support projects and initiatives related to a wide range of industrial and forest residues.

Between its main activities, it is possible to emphasize that the related ones to the bioenergy sector, more specially, it develops projects for the energy valuation of forest and agroindustrials residues , in processes of solid biofuels production  and realizes services  in companies to make use of its residues as renewable energy sources.       


CIEMAT assigned to the Science and Innovation Department of Spain, is a Public Investigation Organism of excellence in matters of energy and environment, as well as in multiple vanguard technologies  and in diverse areas of fundamental research. From its creation in 1951 it carries out technological research and development projects , serving as reference to represent technically Spain in the international forums and to advise to the public administrations in matters of its competition. The CIEMAT is diversified technologically and geographically, to attend to the needs for I+D in Spain in general and in its Autonomous regions in particular. The activity of the CIEMAT is organized concerning research projects that serve as bridge between the I+D and the social interest. The human team of the CIEMAT is formed by, approximately, 1.200 persons, of whom 47 % is university graduates.

CIEMAT is a pioneering organism in the development of the renewable energies in Spain at which it is working in an important way from 1985, year in which there was created the Renewable Energies Institute (today Renewable Energies Division). In addition to the previous Division, it is provided at present with a Center specializing in the development of the wind energies  and, especially, biomass energies named CEDER-CIEMAT ( Renewable Energies Development Center), placed in Lubia (province of Soria, Castilla León, Spain).



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