BIOmasud Certification System

BIOmasud Certification System

It is a private certification system of quality and sustainability result of a European project that has the same name funded by FEDER in the framework of Interreg IV-B program. It is a certification system for Mediterranean Biofuels: Wood Pellets, Olive Stones, Wood Chips and Nut Shells. For wood pellets and wood chips the system is based on international standards, for wood pellets on the ISO 17225-2 and for wood chips on the ISO 17225-4, while for the rest of biofuels is based on own pre-standards developed in the project.

Besides the quality, the system also has sustainability requirements such as the carbon footprint or the energy used to produce the biofuel. The rights of BIOmasud® brand in Spain belong to AVEBIOM and CIEMAT. In January 2016 the Biomasud Plus project was started to develop and improve the system by increasing the number of biofuels, the countries concerned and sustainability criteria.


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